Happy New Year and welcome back to school. Clubs restart week commencing 14th January 2019.
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Milton Hall Primary School

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Our aim is to make every child feel valued and happy because that is when learning is most effective.


Newton have started this new term looking at sound in science. We made our our instruments out of straws and looked at how sound was made. The children found that they could feel the vibrations on their throats when speaking.

A great afternoon was had by all when Newton's parents came in to help with decorating the children's shields. Great teamwork and fabulous shields!

Newton class enjoyed a roman workshop last week. We made roman sandals, roads and honey biscuits. The class also designed their own roman money and learned some Latin! There were some fabulous designs and great factual discoveries made.

Our new topic has seen us exploring Roman artifacts. The children got to choose different artifacts from our mystery case and explore what they thought each item could've been used for. Newton were fabulous archaeologists!

On Friday Newton were learning about the difference between how the rich and the poor lived in Tudor times. We found that life was quite different!

This week we have made the digestive system in science. We have learnt about how food travels through the body.

We have been looking at Tudor foods this week in Newton class and so designed our own March pane centerpieces, a favourite of Elizabeth I's, in class. Lots of fabulous designs!

Newton class spent the afternoon studying as Tudor children. Some children were sewing, kneading dough for bread and cleaning, learning from their female mistress, whilst others learnt Latin from their school master. Our sewing and Latin may need a little more work but the children's presentations were fantastic!

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"No great discovery was ever made without a bold guess." Sir Isaac Newton