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Student Questionnaires


Recently, student questionnaires were handed out from Reception to Year 6 in order to find out what the children thought of PE as a subject. 

Two questionnaires were given to each class. From the questionnaires we got back, here are the results. 



Football Fixtures

Mr Harvey and the year 5 and 6 boys football team are currently playing frequent football fixtures on Fridays after school.

We will let you know how they get on!

Football Tournament


On Wednesday 2nd November, 10 boys from years 5 and 6 travelled to Alleyn Court to play in a football tournament. The boys went with Mr Harvey and had a fantastic day!


Chukah from Bronte Class said:

"On Wednesday 2nd November, 10 boys went to the football tournament, by coach, to Alleyn Court. When we got there we did some training and then got told what pitch we were going to play on. We played a few games and won a few too. We lost the game 3-0 which was disappointing but at the end of the game we shook the other team's hands. In the afternoon, we went over to Thorpe Hall school to play another game and we won 1-0."


Ollie from Shakespeare Class said:

"The football tournament was good and the matches were intense! So, we won our first match and suddenly we lost our next match 3-0 against St Georges. Our third match against Leigh North Street, we lost 1-0. Our fourth match was probably the most intense; we drew 0-0. In the afternoon, we played at Thorpe Hall school and overall we won 1, lost 2 and drew 1. It was a brilliant day out and I'm hoping Mr Harvey will sort out another one soon!"


Tag Rugby Tournament

On Wednesday 12th October, children from years 5 and 6 travelled to Southend Rugby club to compete in a tag rugby tournament where they played a total of 7 games! The children won 2 games, drew 1 game and lost 4 games. Mr Mills, the teacher who accompanied the children, said was he particularly proud of how hard they all tried and how well they worked as a team! Well done to the year 5s and 6s who competed!


Rio from Shakespeare Class said:

"In the morning, we got changed into the school kit. It was raining, but as soon as we got there it was sunny. In the morning, we won 1 match, we drew 1 and we lost 2. In the afternoon, there were 3 matches and we won 1 and lost 2. It was a good day!"


James from Shakespeare Class said:

"In the morning, we got changed into the school kit. It was raining for a little bit but as soon as we got on the coach it stopped, luckily. We shared the coach with St Helens school. When we got to Southend Rugby Club it was really sunny. We put our boots on and went onto the pitch. The man who does every tournament/event explained everything to us and told us which pitch we were on. We played 7 games! We didn't make it into the super 10s but we faced lots of different teams. After we played all the games, we went back to school."

Thank you to Miss Walker for these amazing photos!

Cross Country

On Friday 7th October, children from years 3, 4, 5 and 6 travelled to Garons to compete in a Cross Country event. All of the children tried their absolute hardest in their race and persevered even when they felt like giving up. There were 8 races in total and through all of the races the children were supporting each other. It was fantastic to see the children not only cheering on and encouraging members of Milton Hall, but also cheering on and encouraging members of other schools who seemed like they needed some support.

Haleem in Hawking Class said:

"I liked cross country because it was a great experience; running a long, long distance with 120-150 people beside me. Running all that way was good because it gets you fit and makes you have a good feeling about yourself. I came 29th out of 150 people and I think that's not a bad place to come. It was really fun, I had a great time. When I was running, I did have a stitch but I kept going and persevered. It was a lot of pressure!"


Rilwan in Hawking Class said:

"When we got off the coach we walked to the cross country field and I ate a little bit of food, we couldn't eat it all because we were about to run. Whilst I was eating, I watched the year 3s do their race and realised how far it was. When it was my turn to run, I was nervous. I ran about 2k and when I finished running, I was really out of breath. I ate the rest of my lunch and watched everyone else do their race and cheered them on!"