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Milton Hall Primary School

‘Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it.’


Our aim is to make every child feel valued and happy because that is when learning is most effective.

Wilberforce Class

Uptown Funk leavers

Goodbye from year 6

Goodbye year 6

Equality and diversity champion post-intervention:


Social norms: 

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Your Learning team are Mrs Rand and Mrs Southam


In School:

Our topic this term will be ‘Out of this World’- we will be studying the planets, astrology and links to the Ancient Greeks and astronomy.

Our class reading book this half term is Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief and our literacy lessons will be based around this book.

Our PE lessons will take place on a Wednesday and Friday. Please ensure that PE kits are in school from Monday to Friday as sometimes there may be late notice timetable changes.



In Wilberforce we have very high expectations of behaviour.  You should aim to have green cards by the end of the week which transfer into points which can be spent on the Good to be Green trolley or saved up for a trip to Adventure Island.  Yellow and red cards are given out if behaviour is not of the high standard that we expect. 



Please make sure you have the correct uniform.  The only jewellery that is acceptable is a pair of stud earrings and a watch.  All other jewellery must be removed for school.  All jewellery must be removed by the children themselves for PE.  Jogging bottoms are for PE and children should be wearing school trousers at other times.  Girls may wear leggings under a skirt but not on their own.  Children may choose to wear a green fleece, jumper or cardigan in the winter.  Please remember that we have a preloved uniform shop every Friday that sells items of second hand uniform for between 50p and £1.  Please refrain from wearing football shirts during PE lessons as they are expensive.



If you are worried about something to do with work (or anything else for that matter) then please come and speak to us - we want you to be happy in school and if we know about your problem then we will try our best to help you.  Remember - if you don't tell us then we can't help you.  If you don't feel comfortable talking to us then any member of the year 6 staff or the learning mentors will help you.



At Home:

A reminder that homework is set on a Friday and includes: maths practice and a piece of literacy work that may relate to our topic. Homework is due in without fail on the following Thursday and can be handed in earlier.  If you are struggling with your homework then it is best to do it as soon as you get it so that you can ask us for help.  Children who repeatedly fail to complete homework will be referred to SLT - in Year 6 it is vital that homework is completed as it trains you for secondary school where late homework results in after school detentions!  The school runs homework club so if you are struggling to find the time to get it done then you can come along and have some time and space to concentrate.  


Later in the year as we build up to SATS you will be expected to complete nightly revision homework.  This will be peer marked every day and the teachers will randomly spot check your work throughout the revision period to check that you are doing your work.  If you are struggling with any aspect of the revision you will need to alert your set teacher immediately so they can go through this with you - the whole point of revision is to remind yourself what you already know and to clarify things that you aren't sure about!


Reading records must be handed in daily recording what you have read and ideally be signed by an adult who has heard you read.  You should be reading 30 minutes every day including weekends and holidays.  This is part of your homework!  If there is any vocabulary that you do not understand please write it down in your reading record and look it up when you come into school.  Remember to quiz on Accelerated Reader when you finish your book so you can earn as many points as you can towards your next prize.


Times tables should be learned each night if you do not already know them - they are so essential in your maths.  

Wilberforce £5 challenge

In groups We have been given £5 as a start up for our own business. these are our proposals.

All 48 booster packs (over 190 pages of content!) have been updated with the Sample paper and 2016 Reasoning and Arithmetic questions. The new video tutorials on YouTube for these questions are only accessible via this resource: a MUST for all KS2 primary schools, children and parents preparing for SATs!


This resource allows a student to choose a weak topic area of theirs (personalised learning) from a menu of 48 topics and instantly opens a printable PDF of past SATs questions specific to that topic. All 48 topic PDFs are housed on Genius Maths' Google drive account which can only be accessed via this single file. All questions contain a Youtube Button next to them, so if a student needs help, they simply HIT THE YOUTUBE button to zoom off to a mini Youtube tutorial specific to that question on our Youtube channel. The Youtube channel has over 180,000 hits and rising from those who used it during the last two year's SATs

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Stars of the Week

This week SUAGOs went to Aron for the improvement in his punctuality 


Well done

Reach for the Stars- March 2017


We all had the chance to go for the day to Anglia Ruskin University to look around and see what it is like to be a student.  It was a great day out, and many of our students decided that they would like to aim to get into higher education.

How do we see?

How do we see? 1 Grace made a model to show what we did in class

Duxford War Museum, 2nd December 2016

Duxford War Museum, 2nd December 2016 1 Olivia's Dad's favourite plane... the Concorde.
Duxford War Museum, 2nd December 2016 2 Dressing up in war time uniform.
Duxford War Museum, 2nd December 2016 3 Lots of walking!
Duxford War Museum, 2nd December 2016 4 We found Aron and Frankie's Grandads' actual tank!

CEOP Workshop. 30th November.

CEOP Workshop.  30th November.   1

We had a workshop today to remind us how to use the internet safely.


Key things we learnt:

  • Don't add 'friends' we don't know in real life.
  • Make sure all your accounts are set to private.
  • Don't lie about your age online, and try to only use age appropriate sites.
  • Don't post any pictures that you wouldn't be happy to post on a cinema screen
  • Always tell an adult if you are comfortable with something you see online.

World War 2

We have been looking at the 2 World Wars this half term.  We have even looked at life in the 1940s and listened to the music and even learnt the Lindy Hop.

Children in Need Day- 18th November 2016

It has been a great day, and we have been able to raise lots of money at school.  We have seen Mr Spence get iced, asked what the fox said? And even worn a dress!

Lots of our class dressed up for the event, and Ruhena made me a scrummy cake! Yum.

Shakespeare Festival

A number of our students have been working very hard with Mr Buxton to create a production of Henry V.  They then had the amazing opportunity to perform this at the Palace Theatre.  It was great to see so many involved from Wilberforce, and even the lead was played by our very own Robbie.  Here is Ellie to tell us all about the performance day:


"On Wednesday 9th November 2016, I went to the Palace Theatre (at 8:15am) to practice Mr. Buxton’s Shakespeare play called Henry IV.  Lots of children went.


When we all got there for rehearsal, there was another school which did Hamlet. We had a bit of a rehearsal with help by the Shakespeare festival leaders and Mr. Buxton too, but after we finished we did it in front of the other school with no help. The proper rehearsal in front of the other school we did with props. The other school loved it I made a friend called Ella she was the queen in Hamlet.


Then in the evening, we had to get there at 6:00, and at 6:30 get into our costumes.  We went in real dressing rooms! Our school was the first  to act there was 4 schools in total, the parents had to get there at 7:00. My character was the Duke of Orleans (or-le-ons). Alice was Rambures and the French Ambassador. It was such a brilliant experience for me I wish you could have come!"


I wish I could have been there too Ellie, but I'm looking forward to seeing the production at school.

Bikeability- Week Commencing 10th October

Still image for this video
This week we all took part in the Bikability scheme. For some students this was the first time they have been on a bike, for others, they will learnt how to take their bikes on the road safely.

Well done to those that have ridden bikes for the first time and to those gaining their level 1 and 2 certificates.
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Outdoor Maths Day

On Thursday, 22nd September we had an outdoor maths session.  We got to practice our estimation, measuring and map reading skills.  It took teamwork, good maths skills and a little bit of focus to get us through.  However, the students seemed to enjoy it!



The Story of William Wilberforce

A short documentary of Christian politician and slave abolitionist William Wilberforce who our class is named after