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Spring 1 Blog - How did the Romans survive without electricity?

By Mikolaj 


This half term I really enjoyed literacy because we did persuasive writing, descriptive writing and we wrote instructions. My favourite bit was when we made mosaics like the Romans and I made one of Mrs Inglis. We also made our own roman shields which was really fun and then we learnt the formations the Roman Army would get into with their shields when they were under attack. We learnt loads about Ancient Rome; the food and what they do for entertainment. In science, we made electrical circuits which I liked. 

Autumn 2 Blog - Why was Henry VIII so famous?

Written by Finn


This half term has been fun, we learned about Henry VIII. We wrote a balanced argument titled 'Was Henry VIII a bad king?' We also learned about the human digestive system and how it works. When we did this, we made replicas of teeth out of clay and painted them. We also learned what organs the digestive system is made up of. I loved this half term. 

Autumn 1 Blog - Why are the royal family so important?

Written by Amy and Wiktoria


We've liked where we got to research a lot about Queen Elizabeth II, when we got to show our parents our royal palaces, when we got to sketch Queen Elizabeth II, where we watched Gangsta Granny. We also loved making a fact file on the Queen, when we made a Windsor family tree and when we made our crowns. 

It was fun doing our homework on Queen Elizabeth II and when we got to sing to our parents. 

Best of all, we really liked doing a lot of different activities.