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Milton Hall Primary School

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Our aim is to make every child feel valued and happy because that is when learning is most effective.


Our Topic subjects are a huge part of our learning at Milton Hall and so far we have covered some very interesting ones. If you would like to do some more learning on our previous topics, here are some reminders of what we have covered so far. 


Why are the royal family so important?

This included learning about our current royal family, comparing their childhood to the Queen's, creating a family tree of Windsor royals, comparing two of the Queen's homes, understanding the difference between Great Britain, the British Isles and the United Kingdom (because there is a difference), learning the names of the British islands that surround mainland UK. 

Home Learning: What will happen when the Queen passes away?


Why was Henry VIII so famous?

This included learning about the Tudor family; creating a timeline of Tudor Kings and Queens, looking at Tudor punishment, understanding the English Reformation (when Henry VIII moved away from Catholicism), what Henry VIII did for fun, Henry VIII's 6 wives and his reasons for marrying so often and the difference in lifestyles between poor and rich Tudor children. 

In Science, we spoke about the human body, in particular the digestive system. 

Home Learning: Draw a detailed diagram of a human digestive system including annotations. 


How did the Romans survive without electricity? 

This included learning about Ancient Rome; what the Romans did for entertainment, why their army was so strong, who Boudicca was, and where Italy is on the map. 

In science, we learnt about electricity; how to keep safe around it, how to make an electrical circuit, how to include a switch in a circuit and how to create open and closed circuits. 

Home Learning: Design and draw (or make) a Roman village including annotations. 


What's so amazing about the rainforest?

We are still learning about this topic. It's included learning about where we can find rainforests on the globe, the different layers of the rainforest, the animals that live in the rainforest, the dangers the rainforests face, what deforestation is and why it is happening. 

In science, we've been learning about Changing States; when solids turn to liquid, liquids to gas and vice versa. 

Home Learning: Research the Water Cycle and draw a detailed diagram explaining how it works. Can you include the key words: evaporation and precipitation?

Practical Learning Ideas

Please don't feel that you HAVE to do any of the suggested Home Learning Activities. If you can think of any other activity that connects to our topics then please feel free to do that instead. Use your imagination!