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Healthy Lifestyle

In the Autumn Term children across the school filled out questionnaires.

These questionnaires were split into two parts.

The first part asked the children questions on their lives.

The second part asked the children a number of questions on how to lead a healthy lifestyle.


The reason for this questionnaire was to assess how healthy our children are and whether they knew how to be healthy. 

Once we analysed the data we were able to clearly see how to help our children lead healthier lifestyles.


The results are as a follows:



Healthy Lifestyle Questionnaire Analysis

Percentage of children who do a form of exercise to get to school:

Girls in KS1 = 67%

Boys in KS1 = 73%

Girls in KS2 = 74%

Boys in KS2 = 69%


Percentage of children who do exercise outside of school:

Girls in KS1 = 20%

Boys in KS1 = 53%

Girls in KS2 = 50%

Boys in KS2 = 47%


Percentage of children who know how many pieces of fruit and vegetables you should eat per day:

Girls in KS1 = 7%

Boys in KS1 = 20%

Girls in KS2 = 63%

Boys in KS2 = 51%


Percentage of children who know how much water they should drink a day:

Girls in KS1 = 20%

Boys in KS1 = 13%

Girls in KS2 = 76%

Boys in KS2 = 46%


Percentage of children who know how much exercise they should do a day:

Girls in KS1 = 13%

Boys in KS1 = 20%

Girls in KS2 = 16%

Boys in KS2 = 9%

As a result of these findings, healthy living workshops have been booked for children from Reception - Year 6 in order to improve their knowledge on the subject and to understand how important it is.


We want our children to be as healthy as they can be and we want them to know how to do that themselves.