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Milton Hall Primary School

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Our aim is to make every child feel valued and happy because that is when learning is most effective.


On this page, you will find:

Spelling Activities 

Writing Activities

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Each child has their own individual log-in for This is a website where children can practice their spellings. 

Below are the spellings all year 4 children are expected to learn this academic year. We are now in the term Spring 2 so have learnt all spellings from Autumn 1 - Spring 2. 

1.Can you write a sentence that includes all of the words from one column?

2.Can you write a joke that includes at least 5 of these words?

3.Can you create a wordsearch of all the words from one column?



So far, in year 4 we have covered many writing styles in literacy. Should your child be working from home, they may wish to revisit some of these writing styles. Below are links to more details on different writing styles and some ideas which your child may choose from. 


When writing remember:


(boxing up method, in bullet points)


(paragraphs, full sentences)

Edit & Improve

(edit: correct spellings and punctuation and does it make sense?)

(improve: add to your work)


Planning is one lesson, writing is one lesson and editing & improving is one lesson. All three steps should not happen in the same lesson. 



In year 4, children are expected to know:

- how to use pronouns 

- how to use fronted adverbials 

- how to punctuate inverted commas (speech marks)

- the difference between a plural 's' and a possessive 's'

- how to use apostrophes to mark plural possession

- how to use the correct verb inflection


Please watch this space for resources. In the meantime, there will be lots of resources on Twinkl or elsewhere to help children reach these targets.