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Spring 1 Blog - How did the Romans survive without electricity?

By Bridgette, Tyler, Kishan and Rifat


This term we’ve been learning about the Romans and electricity. We’ve learnt a lot about the Romans. The Romans didn’t have electricity so to heat their homes they had a furnace under the villa which made heat go round the gaps under the floors and in the walls it was called a hypocaust .The Romans eventually took over Britain and killed Boudicca and her army. We designed and made Roman shields and drew and made Roman soldiers.

In science we have been learning about circuits and have been drawing them the scientific way. We have found out about what made good conductors. The last thing we learnt was how to keep safe with electricity.

In literacy we have been doing instruction writing about How to be a successful charioteer, a persuasive piece of writing about why we should visit Rome and story writing about visiting the Circus Maximus.

We definitely had fun this term!

Autumn 2 Blog - Why was Henry VIII so famous?

Written by Bridgette 

This half term has been fun because we made teeth out of clay and painted them. We also learned that Henry VIII had 6 wives. He was also quite sporty, he did wrestling, jousting and archery. I loved learning about The Tudors. I learned that they love meat. The poor people had houses in the forest, normal people had wooden houses and the rich people had houses/mansions with loads of glass windows. We learned about how the digestive system works. We also labelled the parts of the digestive system and made poo. Our STEAM project was to make a Tudor house or artifact. I really enjoyed this term!

Autumn 1 Blog - Why are the royal family so important?

Written by Newton Class


In Newton class we have been learning about why the royal family are so important. We have been making crowns and castles. We researched lots of facts about the queen and wrote a biography and letters. We also wrote our own story about Gangsta Granny.  For French we have been doing the months of the year. French is really fun. It was really good doing skip2bfit we got fresh blueberries at the end and they were really yummy. Miss Coleman took pictures of us in the green room and we used the computers to make montages with them. On Wednesdays we go swimming which is fun.