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Our aim is to make every child feel valued and happy because that is when learning is most effective.


When you are reading, get an adult to ask you questions about what you are reading. A few examples of questions that your adult could ask you are:
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Reading Activities


Draw a setting from the book you are reading.

Read the description of it carefully and draw what is described.

Can you add in notes to your drawing with quotes from the setting description?


Draw a character from the book you are reading. 

Read the character description carefully and draw the character as the author has described. 

Can you add in notes to your drawing with quotes from the character description?


Write a paragraph on what you think will happen next.

Use clues from the book to predict what could happen next. Make sure you include lots of detail!

Can you explain your prediction? I think this will happen next because the author says...


Write about your favourite part of the book. 

Decide which parts of the book were your favourite then write about why they were your favourite. What did you enjoy? Why did you enjoy it?