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Our aim is to make every child feel valued and happy because that is when learning is most effective.

Reception New Starters 2022/2023

Meet the Teachers of Reception 2022



Weekly Challenge 6: Understanding the World

Understanding the World is about how children get to know about other people, the place where they live and about all aspects of the environment. In Reception, children are invited to investigate the world around them, ask questions and make connections. Children learn about the people in their communities, traditions and customs and celebrate the people closest to them. Children in Reception talk about the past and the present and they also explore the natural world, learn about living things and take care of their environment. Children are also exposed to a variety of technologies and learn to use them in purposeful ways. 


This week your challenge is to share a photograph or tell us more about your family! Send us an email to: 






Transition Event: Today!


Our Reception Teachers have been busy preparing a wonderful transition experience for our new starters today. As part of this transition, we have prepared a small gift for every child who will start at Milton Hall in September. We are really looking forward to meeting you all on our school field today. 





Weekly Challenge5: Mathematics

Mathematics is a specific learning area in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). In Reception, children learn that there's more to maths than just counting. We use maths skills in everyday life! Through hands-on and real-life experiences, children learn about numbers, shapes, space and measures.




It has been a delight reading the emails our new starters have sent in over the past few weeks! 

We were also thrilled to meet so many of you at our information session last week - thank you for coming along. 


Please send any questions and comments, photographs and videos you may have to our email address: 


We look forward to inviting you back for our Transition Event on Monday 4th July. 

You are invited to visit Milton Hall Primary School to meet your teachers and new friends and visit your classroom. There will be fun activities to enjoy, a story telling session and each child will be given a gift bag filled with activities to enjoy over the summer holiday. 



Weekly Challenge 4: Literacy 

Literacy includes the skills of reading, comprehension and writing. To be ready to start reading, children need to first develop a variety of important skills. These early reading skills include matching, rhyming, awareness of phonics and the skills associated with language development such as listening, attending, alliteration and sound discrimination. One of the best ways to prepare young children to become confident readers later on is to share stories daily. Telling stories is a big part of our day in Reception. Children are encouraged to re-read old favourites, act out familiar stories and retell them. 




We were thrilled to receive so many emails from our new starters last week. We have loved learning more about you and your family. This week's challenge invites you to think about your favourite healthy snacks. Do you have a favourite physical activity that you like to do? Perhaps you are a member of a sporting team or enjoy dance classes or gymnastics? Send in your photographs of videos of you enjoying your snack or exercise vial email. 



Weekly Challenge 3: Physical Development 

Physical development is a prime area of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. Children in Reception explore different ways to move their bodies, develop and strengthen their muscles and learn to use equipment and materials successfully and safely. Within this learning area, children are also encouraged to manage their own basic hygiene needs and they learn about the importance of physical exercise and a healthy diet. 




We enjoyed reading your emails from last week's challenge and have loved learning more about you. 
This week's challenge invites you to share something with us from your home. It could be your favourite toy, game, story or pet. 
Send in your photographs or video messages via email - we'd love to hear from you! 



Weekly Challenge 2: Communication & Language 

As children develop communication and language skills, they are building the foundations necessary for future literacy and learning. They're also learning key skills like how to express themselves confidently, make friends and interact with others positively. In Reception, your child will engage with a range of experiences, activities, songs and games that will help them to develop their listening and attention, understanding and speaking skills. 





We wish to warmly welcome all of the children and families who have been allocated a place at Milton Hall Primary School & Nursery from September. We are looking forward to getting to know all of you over the coming months and can't wait for you to join our school community. Keep and eye on this page, as it will be updated weekly with information about the EYFS curriculum, helpful tips and activities for you to share with your children - please feel free to do as much or as little of this as is convenient to you. 


Weekly Challenge 1: Personal, Social and Emotional Development 

Personal, social and emotional development (PSED) supports children to learn and to get on with others and make friends, understand and talk about their feelings and emotions, develop a sense of 'right' and 'wrong', develop their independence and ultimately feel good about themselves. Your child's personal, social and emotional development is as important as developing their physical and communication skills. 


We are very excited to meet you and learn more about what makes you special.

Send in any photographs, videos or feedback about the weekly challenges to our Reception Team - we'd love to hear from you! 


New Reception Starters 2022


We wish to warmly welcome all the new children and their families who have been allocated a place at Milton Hall Primary School and Nursery from September. We are really excited and looking forward to welcoming our new intake to school and beginning a wonderful journey of learning and discovery. 


Keep an eye on this page as it will be updated regularly with photographs and information for you to share with your children. We will be posting stories read by our reception team, as well as activities and challenges to support you in preparing your children to start school. Please feel free to do as much or as little of this as is convenient for you. 


Over the next few weeks, you will receive an information pack, including your admissions forms with more information about Milton Hall Primary School and Nursery. 


Take a look at the photographs below showing some of our existing reception children enjoying a range of activities. Thank you for choosing our school and we look forward to meeting all of you soon. 

We are proud to wear the Milton Hall uniform!

School Transition Sessions organized by Southend Borough Council