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Milton Hall Primary School

‘Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it.’


Our aim is to make every child feel valued and happy because that is when learning is most effective.


Here at Milton Hall we believe that our pupils are motivated by carrying out practical investigations which provides the evidence to 're-discover' ideas.

We believe teaching 'Enquiry Skills' helps equip our pupils with skills which can be appplied to a variety of situations and in adult live. We also believe they support skills to become better learners.  


There are 5 different types of Enquiry Skills:

  • Identifying and classifying
  • Predictions with Scientific reasoning
  • Carrying out fair tests
  • Analysing results
  • Evaluating tests and taking into consideration accuracy, reliability, improvements. 
On Thursday 17th March, 2017, KS1 & KS2 took part in Science based workshops on famous children's films. The children got to work with different teachers and took part in some very exciting practical investigations. 

Science Day at Milton Hall

Here is a video showing some of the amazing things that we did on our science day.