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Week 10 22.6.2020              


Hello Year 3!  

Hope you have all had a good week and a sunny weekend.  The children who are back in school have all been very sensible and have been following the safety rules.  They have been following the same learnng as all of Year 3 so nobody gets left behind.

How is the reading going?  We can see that some of you have been accessing the books on Epic Reader so well done and we hope you are finding this useful.  There are also a few completing quizzes on Accelerated Reader.  I guess you are reading lots of other books at home too but if you are having any problems getting onto Accelerated Reader or have forgotten your login details, please contact your teachers and we can help you.

Its good to keep up with the latest news, so we will continue to include the newround link each week.  Please talk to an adult about anything on the news that may be concerning you.

How did you get on with the activities last week. Who mummified a tomato?  Did anyone write their name in hieroglyphics? 

This week is exciting too.  We are continuing to learn “time” in maths, Englsh is based around “Jack and the Beanstalk” and there is science, art and activities around feelings and emotions  We look forward to hearing how you have got on.

Miss you all lots.

Have another good week.  Stay positive.  Be kind.  Keep washing your hands.

Mrs Ablethorpe, Mrs Hautler and Miss Riley


Year 3 Home Learning Week 10

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