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Week 13 13.7.2020

Hello Year 6 – This is the last week of Home Learning before the summer holidays! Miss Jones, Mr Mills and Mr Smith wish you all a very happy summer, to stay safe and for a successful time at your new school in September. We will miss you all very much. Goodbye and Good luck! J

Remember you could do one English, one maths and either one curriculum themed activity a day. It is up to you how you organise your day – remember you can even create your own timetable if it helps. Also record your work in your home learning books if possible so that we can share all the wonderful things you do at home when we see you again.

Don’t forget to start your day with some healthy exercise - : This is still a great way to stay healthy and fit.

We would also like you to keep reading so pick up a book and lose yourself in a fantastic story. Alternatively, if you miss Mr Mills, Miss Jones or Mr Smith reading to you, Audible have released lots of free books for you, just click on this link and choose your book!

Accelerated Reader
Please read:

Some of you may not have been able to find books that have quiz numbers attached to them. It so happens that some of the books are international and the quizzes aren’t available in UK.  We have received this guidance from Renaissance Place:

Our readON library contains titles from our international collections, that is why most quiz numbers refer to the US version of AR. The easiest way to check which books have quizzes on the UK version of AR would be to select English (UK) in Filters > Languages. To do a more thorough search I would advise to go to first and select myON books in Topics in Advanced Search, as this will also allow the students to filter the books using their ZPD range.

Here are some extra ideas for the spelling words:

  1. Make up your own word search
  2. Make your own crossword
  3. Make up anagrams for each word and challenge your parents/carers
  4. Have a spelling competition with your family
  5. Write the maddest sentence you can using all the words in the list