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Week 2 20.4.2020

Year 5
Hi everyone,
We hope you had a lovely Easter Break (and ate lots of chocolate) and are looking forward to returning your amazing home learning.  We can’t wait to see what you have been up to, so please do use the year group email address to send us some of what you have been learning or if you need to ask us a question.
Here is our next week of activities for you all, have you been entering the daily challenges?  We’ve really enjoyed seeing so many of the year group getting involved.  

Parents- please don’t feel under any pressure to run your home like a school but do make time to practise key skills.  Please continue to read as much as you can and keep expanding your vocabulary.  You can currently sign up for free at Oxford Owl Website to get ebooks for free and take advantage of the current free Audible subscription as well as numerous readings of books on Youtube presently.  Our class text this half term should have been ‘Wonder’ which is a fantastic book and if you can get your hands on a copy we thoroughly recommend it.  We will put a guided reading activity pack on the main website page if you would like to work your way through it.  There are a lot of link to Twinkl support sheets, if you haven’t already signed up, Twinkl are currently offering free membership to access resources, this has also been extended past the original one month offered.

Each day, we will set a Maths task, an English task and another task for you to do. Some tasks might take several days.   Please don’t forget that if you are creating a piece of writing you will need to go through the following stages:
       1)   Planning and research.  What do you need to know in order to complete the task? Could you look at examples of similar style texts  to see what worked well to ‘magpie’ ideas and vocabulary.
       2)   Write.  Think about all the things we like to see in your work- a range of sentence starters, range of punctuation and lots of varied   sentence types.
        3)  Editing.  This is the most important stage.  Go back and improve your work, up-level the features you have used.  You can then create a best version if you would like.

Why not start the day with a bit of exercise? Joe Wicks is creating daily PE lessons to keep you moving throughout the closure – these will be live at 9:00am every day on his you tube channel:  There are also other activities such as Oti’s Dance classes which take place daily or Just Dance videos on YouTube or cosmic yoga.  You will be surprised how much more productive the day is after some morning exercise!
Missing you lots!
Mrs Rand, Miss Hicks, Mrs Lester and Miss Ayub


That is a lot of work, but if you are desperate to do anything else this link has lots more activities for you to pick from.