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Week 4 4.5.2020

We were thrilled to hear from our children and families via email last week! We love hearing about your home learning adventures, seeing pictures and videos of your work and checking in with you. We especially love watching the daily challenge videos where we can see your smiling faces! 

To contact a class teacher please email:


This week, we investigate the animals we can keep at home as pets. Some of you may be lucky enough to own a pet and you might know a lot about how we can look after pets already. If you're like Mrs Jensen and don't own a pet, you might have an idea about a pet you would like to own! Send us a picture of you and your pet (or the pet you wish you had) or let us know how you've got on with some of the other activities - we'd love to hear from you!


Don't forget to check out Miss Way's Math Challenge Video and this week, join in with Mrs Taylor-Prior as she demonstrates some new animal yoga poses for you to try! 


Lastly, we invited you in Week 2 to tell us what your favourite farmyard animal is.

The results are in: 


Here are some of the things you said about your favourite farmyard animals: 

My favourite animal is a horse because it is a big and beautiful animal. - Turner Class 
My favourite animal is a cow because it gives us delicious milk. - Lowry Class
My favourite animal is a pig because they are smelly! - Bailey Class 
My favourite animal is a horse because they can sleep standing up. - Lowry Class 
My favourite animal is a horse because it has a fluffy tail and I like sitting on horses. - Turner Class 
A baby lamb is my favourite animal because I like feeling their soft and warm fur. - Lowry Class 
My favourite farm animal is a horse. - Bailey Class 
Horses are my favourite animals because they are make good friends. - Turner Class 

Well... it looks like the most well-liked farmyard animal is the horse!
Thanks to all who took part in our quiz! 


Wishing you a happy week ahead! 
Reception Staff

Reception Home Learning Week 4

Sparky's Guide to Looking After Pets

Miss Way's Weekly Math Challenge

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Yoga with Mrs Taylor-Prior