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Week 4 4.5.2020

4th May 2020

Hello Year 3!

We hope you had a good week last week. It was a bit more rainy wasn’t it? Did you go for any walks? Did you manage to keep dry or did you have to get the raincoats or umbrellas out?!

New reading resources

Very excitingly, you are now able to do quizzes on Accelerated Reader at home, just like you can at school. You can also use MyOn which has lots of resources including online Accelerated Reader books.

To use MyOn, go to There is a parent’s guide for using the website – you can scroll down to find that, or go to the Literacy section of the Home Learning information pages on our website.  

To do Accelerated Quizzes, use our unique school URL to log in which is Then you can log in as normal with your student ID and password. If you don’t have your ID and password at home, just email us and we will send it to you. Please do keep on sending us the work you have been doing at home and any questions you have. We love to hear from you!

If your child does not use Accelerated Reader at school and you would like some guidance about how to support them with reading at home, get in touch with us and we can help.

This week’s home learning activities

Have you been keeping an eye on our chicks? They’re growing and changing quickly aren’t they. Well done to those of you who came up with names for them. They were very creative and it’s a shame we can’t use all of them! What fabulous poems you wrote about the chicks too. We spotted lots of onomaptopoeia and repetition in your poems, well done for using poetic techniques.

Keep those creative juices flowing because we’ve got some exciting activities for you to do this week, including writing some more poetry and conducting some investigations. Are you ready to become a poet, scientist and historian? Of course you are! Enjoy!

Have another good week.  Stay positive.  Be kind.  Keep washing your hands.

Mrs Ablethorpe, Mrs Hautler and Miss Riley


Science Investigation Washing Hands