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Week 9 15.6.2020

Good morning everyone!

We hope you had a lovely weekend and are ready for another week of Home Learning 😊

This week, we want to talk to you about self-motivation and making a learning plan. We know that at times it can be tricky to motivate yourself to complete school tasks when you are at home. (Many adults who are suddenly and unexpectedly working from home have this problem too!) This is because home is usually a place where we relax and therefore it can be a stretch to think of home as a place of work. However, we must keep reminding ourselves that we are in term time. If we keep telling our brains that on week days we must dedicate some time to learning, we can achieve and minimise worry. 


If you recognise that you are someone who is struggling to complete tasks, try to find a routine that works for you; it can be different to your friends’ routines. There are many ways to create good habits. For example, you might like to go for a bike ride before you start your daily tasks or you might choose to tackle the work early so that you earn the rest of your day off. Giving yourself breaks throughout the day is really good for mental health so maybe you could try setting timers for your breaks and also for when your break is over so that you are mentally prepared for re-starting school tasks. Whatever you decide, make a plan to do what works for you but try to keep in good habits for when you return to school. 

You can make a success of this time by becoming more independent and resilient! Practising these skills will help you to feel more ready for year 6 too! 


Please remember to email us with some of your home learning that you’ve been doing- we’d love to hear from you and we are missing you very much! We hope you are all staying safe and positive. Here is our next week of activities for you all. Each day, we will set a Maths task, an English task and another task for you to do. Some tasks might take a few days.   

Please continue to read as much as you can and keep expanding your vocabulary.

 Remember, now you can log in to Renaissance Place from home and complete an accelerate reader quiz.

 You need to use our unique school URL to log in: then you can log in as normal with your student ID and password. Don’t forget that parents and children can access ebooks too.

Have a super week!                Ms Hicks, Mrs Rand, Mrs Hunter, Mrs Lester and Miss Ayub

Year 5 Home Learning Week 9