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Year 3

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Wednesday 1st April


Hi Year 3,


More sunshine! Aren't we lucky. Make sure you get outside for a walk, or go out in the garden if you have one, to make the most of it! 

Today's challenge looks exciting - we can't wait to see your vehicles! We also hope you are getting on okay with the home challenges we have set you on this page. We can't wait to hear all about the work you're doing when you get back to school. 


Charlton, you are absolutely smashing it in the Battle of the Bands between Charlton and Murray! Well done to Casey Freeman, Tish Keely, Erich A. Hendrix and P J Lane in Charlton Class who have all been rocking away. Murray Class, you need to get rocking! Hardrock Mars and Alton Jamison, well done to you both - but they can't hold the fort on their own Murray Class, so make sure you get logged onto Rockstars and help them with the battle. 


We miss you all! Be kind to each other at home, keep having fun and working hard. 


Miss R, Mrs H and Mr A xxx


31st March

Hi Year 3. 


Sun is shining today  which makes all the difference.  Have you had a chance to watch the Daily Challenge video on Youtube?  We recognised quite a few of you from year 3 and you were amazing.  Brought a little tear to our eyes  and lots of laughter too .


Looking forward to seeing who takes part in Day 2 challenge; we will look out for your lovely faces.


I can see there are a couple of you who have taken part already in the TTRS challenge MURRAY VS CHARLTON.  At the moment Charlton are well in the lead so Murray class you need to get practising.  Spread the word to all your friends in Murray or Charlton class.  We will check up on the results daily and keep you all updated.


Also, well done to those who have had a chance to complete their MyMaths homework - we have left little messages for you.


Miss you trillions

Mrs A, Mrs H and Miss R xxx

Hi Year 3


How are you all doing?  Weather wasn't so great today but we hope you have still had a chance to get out in the fresh air.  All your teachers have been working hard behind the scenes to come up with some fun ideas to keep you all busy.  Mrs Ablethorpe, Mrs Hautler and Miss Riley talk to each other constantly and say how much we are missing you and life at Milton Hall.  Did you see Mr Buxton on the Daily Challenge today?  We hope you had a go and sent in your photos or videos to the Whatsapp number - can't wait to see them later.


We have also set you a TimesTables Rockstars Challenge...The tournament for this week is between...


Charlton Class vs Murray Class

You have only 1 week to compete in the tournament as many times as you like before we change classes.  Who will be the winning class we wonder?  Redgrave class will join the tournament next week so get practising Redgrave.  Which class will they be playing...wait and see.