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What is an Annual Review?

The annual review is the statutory process of looking at the needs and provision specified in an EHC Plan, and deciding whether these need to change.  The local authority have the right to amend or cease a plan based on what is discussed in the review, so hours can go down as well as up based on how the child has progressed.

Your SENCO will contact you when it is time and you will be asked to complete information via the Hub prior to the meeting.  Sometimes other professionals attend these reviews too.

Annual reviews must be completed within 12 months of a plan being issued or the previous review taking place.  They have to be held one month before the last plan was amended to give the school and the local authority time to complete the reports after the meeting.   These deadlines are held up in law and cannot be extended. 


The school or parent have a right to call an emergency or early annual review if needs have significantly changed and it cannot wait until the scheduled annual review.  It is worth noting that it takes two weeks to arrange all the paperwork to be done for an annual review so sufficient notice should be given to all parties.