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Milton Hall Primary School

‘Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it.’


Our aim is to make every child feel valued and happy because that is when learning is most effective.

School Governors




Welcome to Milton Hall Governors. We work very closely with our Head, Deputy Head & teaching & non teaching staff to ensure the safety, happiness & best all round education for all our pupils.


Our Governing Body is made up from parents, staff & local community members & our role is strategic planning & monitoring, working closely with our Head who, along with the leadership team, is responsible for the day to day running of the school.


Each Governor brings different skills, knowledge & experience to our Governing Body & each of us has our own area of responsibility and interest within the school.


All of us are completely committed to ensuring our school offers the very best possible outcome for every child, giving them all a firm foundation on which to build once they reach Secondary School and in later life.


We currently meet all together three times a term and also attend a variety of training and briefings throughout the school year.


Our current Chair, Dave Taylor, meets at least twice a month with our Head to ensure all is running smoothly.


If you would like to know more, or to make contact with any of our governors, please ask at the school office and this can be arranged.


Our current Governors are:


Dave Taylor - Partnership Governor, Chair of Governors

Michelle Palles-Clark - Co Opted Governor, Vice Chair of Governors

Margaret Borton - LA Governor

Serena Alexis - Co Opted Governor

Fr Neil Dalley - Co Opted Governor

Debbie Le Grave - Parent Governor

Mark Norton - Parent Governor

Miranda Reid - Parent Governor, Safeguarding Governor

Efua Ogunleye- Partnership Governor

Jane Goddard - Co Opted Governor

Andy Douglas - Head Teacher


Karen Willis - Clerk to Governors


The chair of Governors can be contacted at




Governor Pen Portraits





Miranda Reid 
I am currently serving as a Parent Governor and have a son in Year Two. As a former Milton Hall pupil myself I am committed to maintain the fantastic progress the school has made. I also have an interest in the provision for less abled children as my son has a hearing impairment. My background in the language recruitment industry gives me an additional insight into the diverse nature of the school, along with providing skills that the school can benefit from. As a Southend United supporter, you may find me and family at Roots Hall on occasion!



Mark Norton 

Some of you will already know me, as I currently have two children in education at Milton Hall.  I have lived in the local area all of my life and I am also a former student of Milton Hall. I am a supporter of Southend United FC, of which I am a season ticket holder for my sins. I also work locally for NatWest, where I have worked for the past 19 years. My current role is a Risk and Controls manager.


When I finished my education I went travelling across Australia and Asia, and since then it is still a passion of mine to travel. I love to scuba dive, so when visiting different countries, it is high on the list of finding the best places to dive. Thailand has got to be the best place I have ever scuba dived, being in abundance of marine life.


In my spare time, when not watching or playing football, I can normally be found in the kitchen cooking up a storm. I’m no Gordan Ramsey but I do alright. I am also currently working towards a climate change qualification via the University of Edinburgh.


I strongly believe all children should have the best of everything when they enter the gates of Milton Hall, and my view is that these are the best years of their education. The positive experience and life skills they receive at school during this time is critical to making responsible choices of the future, and this was one of the many reasons I wanted to become a Parent Governor. I have been a Parent Governor now since November 2020 but unfortunately due to Covid, I haven’t been able to come into the school to meet you all face to face. However, as restrictions ease up, I will be hoping that this will change over the coming weeks and months.


Michelle Palles-Clark

I have been a co-opted Governor since March 2020 - just in time for all of our virtual meetings thanks to Covid!  I am married with two grown up sons.  I have lived in Southend for the majority of my life so know it well!  During my 7 years as a Governor I have served at a Secondary school, been a Vice-Chair of a Primary school and Vice-Chair of Trustees of a MAT in Southend.  I was asked to become a Governor at Milton Hall and jumped at the opportunity!  This is now the only school I serve as I want to be totally committed.


I had a brief (but glorious) career in the financial sector in London before having my boys.  Whilst they were growing up I worked for Southend Council and promoted their Walking Bus service - some of you might even remember it?  I was medically retired in 2008 and am registered as disabled.  I understand the trauma and challenges that are faced every day and can empathise wholeheartedly.  


Milton Hall is unlike any school I have been a part of.  I have never worked with such a group of pro-active, caring and professional staff as Milton Hall.  Everyone is driven and dedicated to providing the very best education and also pastoral care for your child(ren).


I am currently Vice-Chair here and proudly represent the Governors on the Wellbeing Committee.  I am a "hands on" person and I am desperately hoping there will soon be events where I can come in and meet with you all.


Serena Alexis

I am delighted to have been appointed as a co-opted governor in November 2020 with responsibility for PPG and SPG. As a qualified teacher and school leader in schools with diverse communities, I can offer expertise and knowledge to improve and make a positive contribution to children's education and outcomes.  As a school governor, I strive to make a difference to the lives of children and use my expertise to contribute to the strategic direction of the school.  My academic background through my doctoral research in education and my parental experience can help me to achieve this.



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