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What is Mediation?

Mediation can happen when the local authority make a decision around an EHCP (such as not agreeing to assess or issue a plan or not agreeing to a change of placement) and the parent does not agree with that decision.

Mediation is an independent body from the parent and the local authority that meets alongside the two parties to try and come to an agreement.  Often mediation is sufficient enough to resolve an issue, but where things are still not resolved there is an option to go to tribunal.  This is a legal process and advice should be sought from a solicitor before this point. 

School will attend alongside you if you request mediation, however it is important to note that we can only present factual information and must remain impartial.  Schools cannot request mediation - this must be done by parents.  Information on obtaining mediation will be given on any decision letter by the Local Authority.  It is entirely the parent's decision if they wish to proceed to mediation or not, however the SENCOs are happy to discuss this with you if it is something that you ever come across needing to do.