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Darwin Class


Welcome to Darwin page.

Your teacher is Mr Marks.

Your Lsa is Mrs Steel.



Charles Darwin

Darwin comprehensions

Darwin have been looking at comprehensions. Here is a short guide about how to do one.

Darwin Into the Forrest

Darwin have been looking at the book Into the Forrest. Here they put themselves in the position of the character of the boy from the story as he appeals for his dad to come home.

Darwin describing weekends

Darwin have been writing descriptions about their weekends using nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs. How many can you spot?

Darwin rainforest advert

Darwin have been making posters to save the rainforest. In this short film they give a few important reasons why it should be saved.

Darwin how to write a diary

Darwin have been writing their own diaries. Here they give instructions about how you can write your own one.

Darwin class assembly 2018

Our amazing class assembly, here for your viewing pleasure.

Darwin fronted adverbials

Darwin learnt about fronted adverbials. Here are some examples.

Darwin Gladiator description

Darwin class have been writing about gladiators. Here they describe a gladiator fight in an arena.

Darwin facts about Romans

Darwin researched some facts about the Romans, here they share some of them.

Darwin Describing pictures

Darwin were describing pictures using adjectives, prepositions, verbs and adverbs. They filmed some of their describing sentences, pointing out which words represented the adjective, preposition, verb and adverb.

Darwin gladiator debate

Darwin deliver reasons for and against Gladiator fights being brought back. (JC)

Year 4 Musical Celebration

In year 4 each class has been looking at musical icons. Darwin class have been rocking out with the Beatles, Hawking Have been swaying to the soulful tunes of Stevie Wonder and Newton have been "Jammin" with Bob Marley. Here is our performance of some of their most influental songs.



In Darwin class we have high expectations of all children and we push the children to have high expectations of themselves.

A quote we learn by is:

"No-one will be disappointed if you get it wrong, we will only be disappointed if you do not try".


We expect all children to come to school on timedressed appropriately and ready for the learning day.

Children are expected to read every night and to bring in their reading records signed.

Homework is set on a Friday and is to be handed in by the following Thursday before 9am. Unless you have homework club on a Thursday night when it can be handed in Friday morning before 9am.


Our class is named after the famous scientist Charles Darwin and over the course of the year we will be learning a lot about him.

What can you find out about Charles Darwin?

Accelerated reader


 Each child is encouraged to read every day and take quizzes to show their understanding of these books Children who read one million words go on a 'reward trip.'So far our top 10 readers are:

Jenascia  3,459,265 (Outstanding!)

Rana 1,533,028 (Fantastic!)

Serenity  1,259,619 (Wonderful!

Dominik  1,238,519 (Superb!)

Stephanie  1,191,295 (Amazing!)

Theo  1,190,206 (Brilliant!)

Lida  729,724

Abigail  720,477

Christian  471,785

Funmi  414,179

Christian  322,553





Children will be given a learning at home project to complete each half term which will link with theme of work they are learning about in class. Children will also be given spellings and maths to practice each week which will also relate to what we have been learning in class this week.

We love reading

Darwin favourite book characters

Some of our favourite book characters.

Please Mrs Steel Poem

Darwin class have been writing their own versions of the poem "Please Mrs Butler".

More of our Tudor Houses

Darwin tudor times

Darwin class have been learning about the Tudors. They have been drawing story maps and made this short film to go along with them as a visual story map.

Darwin verb instructions

Darwin class have been learning how to use verbs correctly. They made this instructional film to help other children learn when to use 'was' and 'were'.

We made Tudor houses