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Curriculum Newsletter - Spring 2, 2018





Welcome Back - Summer Term

As they say, 'Time flies when you're having fun!' and that is exactly
how we feel in year 1 this year. The months have flown by, our 

children have grown even taller and accomplished amazing things. 


We look forward to our final term in Year 1 and hope to make it very special.



  • Spell-a-Thon  Wednesday 6th June 
  • Phonics Screener Check Year 1 commences Monday 11th June
  • Race for live  Tuesday 19th June 
  • KS1 Sport's Day  Friday 22nd Jun
  • Transition Day   Friday 6th July
  • Exhibition Evening   Thursday 12th July 
  • Last day of the year   Thursday 19th July



Home-learning and Daily Reading


Home-learning tasks are sent home on Fridays. These include spelling practice, literacy and numeracy activities which are linked to the content covered at school that week. 

We collect books weekly and reward children who have completed learning tasks.

Little Girl Sitting on Books

We also encourage your child to read daily for at least 15 minutes and read through the High Frequency Words list your child is working on.

Please sign your child's reading record book when you have read with your child.




Each week we enjoy a range of physical activities, both indoors
and outdoors. Please ensure your child's kit is labelled and returned to school.

Nightingale Class will enjoy P.E. lessons on Monday and Tuesday. 
Please remove all jewellery on these days.


We would like to invite you to take part in our half termly STEAM challenges this year. 
These hands-on 'mini' projects will give your child an opportunity to apply their knowledge, skills and understanding of the world around them in a fun and exciting new way. Most importantly, your child will have the opportunity to work alongside their favourite teacher...


Challenge 6:  Create a book that tells your story! Who are you? What do you like?
What are your favourite stories to read? Who do you live with?
What do you want to learn about? Who are your friends?

These books will be shared with your Year 2 teachers on Transition morning.


Due Date: Wednesday July 4th 




Challenge 1: Using household items, make a boat that will hold £1.99 without sinking

Challenge 2: Make a tasty treat using an apple!

Challenge 3: Make a snowman that won't melt!

Barnaby Bear's Adventures



Each week, Barnaby will choose a child to go home with for the weekend. Barnaby loves to go on adventures and loves learning about... GEOGRAPHY. If you go to the park or beach, church or a friend's house - take Barnaby with you - he likes to explore new places! Barnaby Bear has his very own scrapbook so that your child can write about your awesome adventures together. It would be great if you could take some photos or even draw some pictures of places you've visited.


We can't wait to hear all about your time with Barnaby Bear!

Each week at our Stand Up A Good One assembly, our teachers recognise our efforts. Congratulations to our Nightingale SAUGO Award recipients for Spring 1: 


Week 1: Maddison C. for her efforts in creative writing lessons.
Week 2: Skye R. for her perseverance with reading! She is now an Accelerated Reader!

Week 3: 

Week 4:  

Week 5: 

Week 6:

Week 7: 

'Only One You' - Milton Hall Primary School Design and Technology Challenge

Our Local Walk to the Church






Reading Comprehension Strategies

Comprehension is an important part of reading and is a skill that we can help your child develop. This video explains the 6 reading comprehension strategies that you can use at home when listening to your child read.


Meet the Ordinals

Still image for this video
We've been learning about ordering numbers and describing positions. Mrs Jensen changed our names today and we became the 'Ordinals'!
(We're like super heroes in math!)

EMERGENCY - Alien Space Craft has Crashed in Our Playground

We arrived at school on Friday morning to discover that an alien space craft had crash landed in our playground. Crime Scene Investigators (CSI) and Special Agents were called in to determine if the sight and the aliens were safe and friendly. Year 1 classes have been chosen to look after the alien visitors until their space craft can be repaired - it could take 6 weeks to ship the parts from space! We are positive this term will be... out of this world!!

Barnaby and Milton in London!

After an exhausting summer setting up Nightingale class ready for year 1, Barnaby and Milton have set off on a well deserved holiday. Their first stop was in the capital city of England, London. We've enjoyed learning all about London, it's famous landmarks and people and history.

Postcards from London

English Favourite - Scones with Jam and Cream

Congratulations to Maria R for winning Mrs Gregory's literacy competition! Maria drew a villainous character who stole the clouds from the sky!

Barnaby, Bobby and Milton Explore Wales

Our class mascots are enjoying their holiday around the United Kingdom. Last week, they visited England and this week they're in Wales.
Did you know that daffodils are the national emblem of Wales? We're growing daffodils in our garden!

Nightingales subtraction

Nightingales have been learning subtraction, they have provided a few tips to help other learners.

Our Special Christmas Visit

We have been very good so far this year in Bailey class. So we took a magical Christmas trip to visit someone special. Here is what happened to us on our adventure.


A Christmas Tradition: Maria's Family



On Christmas Eve just before dinner we cut the apple.

If the apple is healthy and we can see a star has formed with seeds - 
the year ahead will be good! 


But if the apple is sick or rotten (or if there is a worm inside) - 
the year will not be good.


Thank you Maria and family for sending in your special Christmas tradition to share with us! 
We look forward to a fantastic year ahead in 2018.

Thanks for making Grandparent's Day a huge success!