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Milton Hall Primary School

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Our aim is to make every child feel valued and happy because that is when learning is most effective.

Year 1

Meet the Year 1 Staff

~ Invitation to End of Year Picnic ~

ART Project - Year 1 are helping create mosaics for Southend Borough Council

Summer Term 2 - Curriculum Information

Make sure you are accessing Mathseeds! You can find the log in details in your Reading Records.

TRIP - Call of the Wild Zoo

World Book Day - Jacqson Diego Story Emporium

Listen to our Podcasts! We've been talking about Southend!

Rashford podcast - Ellie, Yamin, Aiden and Kazim.mp3

Rashford podcast - Frankie, Narcis, Jaiden and Noes.mp3

Rashford podcast - Cassie, Aisha, Mateusz and Drinara.mp3

Rashford podcast - Lucas, Klayden, Amber and Ethan.mp3

Rashford podcast - Maisy, Kristyna, Abiha and Jude.mp3

Rashford podcast - Mona, Narcis, Lexi and Sophie.mp3

Rashford podcast - Taylor, Peace, Fiore and Elishia.mp3

Williams podcast show 1 - Molly Daisie Amber Logan.mp3

Williams podcast show 2 - Eric Saoirse Pooja Safura.mp3

Williams podcast show 3 - Kaya Barbora Joey Isabella.mp3

Williams podcast show 4 - Ollie Haniya Lilianna Dexter.mp3

Williams podcast show 5 - Anahita Bonnie Layla Aliza.mp3

Williams podcast show 6 - Gunes Ronney Aleis Rahat.mp3

Williams podcast show 7 - Samara Edward Nathaniel.mp3

Lopez podcast show 1- Danic, Aisha, Oliver B., Eliza.mp3

Lopez podcast show 2- Harry, Isabella, Kelly, Alesia.mp3

Lopez podcast show 3- Logan, Alesia, Beatrix, Reuben.mp3

Lopez podcast show 4- Jessica, Aya, Ina, Amelia.mp3

Lopez podcast show 5- Oliver C., Ariadne, Presley, Rory.mp3

Lopez podcast show 6- Alfie, Kendan, Saniya, Ronnie.mp3

Lopez podcast show 7- Eddy, Caiden, Sofia, Erika.mp3

Lopez podcast show 8- Aya, Isabella, Njoba, Eliza.mp3

Year 1 Re-Write A Classic Story... Introducing The Three Little Bananas

We have been looking at the story of the three little pigs this term. Here is our version of the story where we have changed the pigs for Bananas.

We had some much fun... we had to make another one! Here's The Three Little Kittens!

We have been reading the story of the three little pigs in class. Here is our version of the story with Kittens instead of pigs.