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Our aim is to make every child feel valued and happy because that is when learning is most effective.

Year 6

Frank RAF Museum visit.mp3

A podcast about the recent Year 6 trip to the RAF Museum in Hendon.

The Invasion of Denmark

A podcast about the invasion of Denmark. When did it happen? How? Find out...


Year 6 have been learning about WWII. This film is about an evacuee.

WW1 and WW2 artifacts

This week Harleighs dad kindly lent us some of his primary ww1 and ww2 artifacts to look at. The children thoroughly enjoyed exploring and talking about these items.

B&H Whatsapp

Barleigh and Hill talk about Whatsapp

Top 5 Greek Islands

After learning about the Greeks, Barleigh and Hill decide on the top 5 Greek Islands to visit

Year 6 Cronus

Year 6 are learning about the Greeks. Cronus was one of the Titans in Greek mythology, Year 6 take a closer look.