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‘Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it.’

Redgrave Class

Welcome to Redgrave Class!


Your teacher is Miss Ellis and your LSA is Miss Palmer! 



Redgrave class assembly Live Streamed

Redgrave yearly class assembly live streamed by the children of Milton Hall Primary

We are named after Sir Steve Redrgave; a five time Gold Olympic medallist. He competed in 5 consecutive Olympics and won gold medals at all of them!


In Redgrave class, we have very high expectations of the children and expect the children to have very expectations of themselves.

In Redgrave class, we support each other inside and outside of the classroom. We celebrate our differences and make sure everyone enjoys coming to school.


We expect children to come to school dressed appropriately, on time and ready for learning.



Good behaviour is rewarded through team points, getting on the proud cloud, stickers and SUAGO awards.

If children are making the wrong decisions the Good to be Green system will be used. If children continue to make the wrong decisions, time will be taken from their lunchtimes.



Children are expected to wear Milton Hall uniform - yellow polo shirt, green jumper/cardigan, grey/black skirt/trousers and smart and comfortable shoes.

When children are dressed appropriately for school and for learning, they are in the right mindset for learning to take place!



Children are expected to read every day and to sign their reading records accordingly. At home, children should be attempting to sign their own reading records as it promotes independence. Children should write the date, title of the book, the pages they read and a comment about what they have read. Children who do not bring their reading records in or have not signed them correctly are expected to read for 15 minutes at the start of lunch.



Homework is handed out on a Friday and should be handed in the following Thursday. This school year, STEAM projects will be handed out every half term. It is our vision that children and parents complete these projects together. Children should bring their projects in on the date stated on their homework and not before. The reason for this is the limited space in the classroom for all children's STEAM projects.



All children should make sure their kit is in school every day during the week. We do PE on Monday and Wednesday and children are expected to have appropriate clothing. The PE kit does not need to be Milton Hall colours or brand. However, the children do need a change of clothes in order to take part in PE due to health and safety and hygiene reasons.



Sir Steve Redgrave

We researched Steve Redgrave and found out lots of exciting information about him!
We also solved our very own Steve Redgrave problem.